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Kingwood Township has several areas that are open to the public and suitable for deer hunting. Enjoyment of the land and the safety of our visitors is our primary concern. The Kingwood Township Committee allows deer hunting in Horseshoe Bend Park and the Ukarish Property (KTUP) in order to provide for better land management to restore damaged ecosystems without fear that excessive deer browse will make it impossible for native plants to return.

Kingwood Township - Ukarish Property

Kingwood Township – Ukarish Property (KTUP) (Block 19 - Lot 5) owned by and managed by the Township, has several areas that are suitable for deer hunting. Kingwood Township allows permit limited, BOW ONLY, deer hunting in KTUP in order to provide for better land management. Kingwood Township hopes to be able to restore damaged ecosystems without fear that excessive deer browse will make it impossible for native plants to return to, and agriculture to continue on KTUP. Up to 10 (ten) hunters will be permitted at this location.

KTUP (BOW ONLY) 2015 - 2016 Season - September 10, 2016 to February 18, 2017
No Hunting December 25, 2016

Lottery submissions due August 22, 2016 – Drawing date – August 24, 2016

Horseshoe Bend Park - Hunting

Excerpt and amended from:


            1.  The Township of Kingwood authorizes the conduct of deer hunting lotteries for the years 2016-2017, on and in Horseshoe Bend Park said lottery to occur on date/s during 2016-2017 as published on the official Kingwood Township website and posted at the Kingwood Township Municipal Building, whereby successful applicants will be selected randomly from all fully compliant lottery applications.

            2.  Kingwood Township deer hunting lottery application forms are available from the Kingwood Township Clerk’s office during normal business hours for a fee of five (5) dollars per lottery per season. [ Also at ]

            3.  In order for the individual who has completed a fully compliant application to be eligible for the lottery, such application must be provided to the Kingwood Township Clerk 5 days prior to any lottery drawing date/s. [ Lottery submissions due August 22, 2016 – Drawing date – August 24, 2016]

            4.  All successful lottery winners, in order to be permitted to engage in deer hunting in Horseshoe Bend Park, must, prior to hunting, pay a twenty-five (25) dollar permit fee to Kingwood Township and certify on a form available from the Township Clerk that they will comply with  all Kingwood Township Wildlife Management Guidelines, which are available from the Township Clerk, as well as all applicable State of New Jersey statutes, rules and regulations for deer hunting.

NOTE: All CID numbers will be reviewed by the State of New Jersey - Division of Fish and Wildlife for accuracy and violation history.  Permits will be issued only to hunters who have not lost their right to hunt in New Jersey.  Successful lottery “winners” who have a hunting violation in the past five years will be required to explain the violation and are not guaranteed a permit.   

To obtain a lottery submission for a specific season click the link below.

The deadline for lottery submissions is August 22, 2016.  The drawing will be held on August 24, 2016

This link is for a "portable" 8.5 x 11 inch park map with trails and safety zones.   Download Hunting Map (revised 7/17/13)
NOTE: There is No On-Street Parking for Horseshoe Bend Park.  Parking on the side of Horseshoe Bend Road or Fairview Road is Prohibited. Park in designated areas only.

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