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Kingwood Township Environmental Resource Inventory
Draft 2021-2022

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Draft ERI Chapters ready for review
1       INTRODUCTION (download 1/24/2021 draft chapter)  
2       CLIMATE & METOROLOGY (coming soon)
3       PHYSIOGRAPHY, TOPOGRAPHY AND GEOLOGY (download 8/29/2021 draft chapter)
4       SOILS (download 8/29/2021 draft chapter)  
5       GROUND WATER (coming soon)
6       SURFACE WATER (coming soon)
7       BIOLOGICAL RESOURCES (download 8/30/2021 draft chapter)
8       OPEN SPACE & FARMLAND (download 8/30/2021 draft chapter)  
9       HISTORICAL AND ARCHEOLOGICAL (download 8/30/2021 draft chapter)
10      ISSUES (coming soon)
12      REGIONAL RELATIONSHIPS (coming soon)
        APPENDIX A. Data Use Agreements
        APPENDIX B. Metadata
        APPENDIX C. Rare, Threatened, and Endangered Species
        APPENDIX D. Soils

Existing ERI

Environmental Resource Inventory (ERI) update (Jan. 2009) Download Now (24 mb)

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