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Kingwood Township
Address: 599 Oak Grove Road, Frenchtown NJ 08825
Phone: 908-996-4276  Fax: 908-996-7753

Welcome to Kingwood Township

952019_44923_0.png2nd Annual New Jersey Clean Communities Delaware River Cleanup
Please join us in keeping our Delaware River Clean and Pristine 
Sept. 21st, 8:30 - 11:30 AM

A planning tool which shows the possible buildout under curent zoning. Users can also make changes to existing zoning and see what effect those changes will have on buildout as well as the impact it will have on watersheds.

A permanent link can be found in the Planning Board/Links section of this website.

Contact the  Environmental Commission or the  Township Committee if you have questions or need assistance

Parks & Recreation

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Animal Control Services for The Township
Animal Control Solutions LLC
24 Hours 7 Days a Week

Water and Sewer are private in Kingwood

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12708-a-house-on-fire-orElectrical Fire Safety Information
A home fire in Kingwood Township sheds light on the issue of electrical fire safety.  Don’t be another fire safety statistic! Have a regular safety review of your home. Check for damaged cords, improperly loaded outlets, and crowded wiring.  Click here to download a flier with more tips on being electrical fire safe.  (Flier provided by local Kingwood Township, NJ manufacturer Zero Surge Inc.)

Scam Alert
JCP&L has received increased reports of scammers targeting utility customers. Visit the Scam and Fraud Information section on the FirstEnergy website at for updates on known scams and tips to help ensure the safety of your family, property and personal information.  Scammer Alert From  JCP&L 10-21-2015


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