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PennEast Pipeline Cancelled!
* Our community worked together to protect our environment, health, safety, homes and property rights *

Actions Needed Now
"The PennEast partners, following extensive evaluation and discussion, recently determined further development of the project no longer is supported," PennEast said in an email, noting it "has ceased all further development of the project."

The Kingwood Environmental Commission thanks the Kingwood Township Committee (especially Richard Dodds, Maureen Syrnick, and former committee member Phil Lubitz), property owners who remained steadfast against eminent domain, and community members who wrote letters, attended events, and everything else to ultimately defeat this unneeded, unwanted fossil fuel fiasco!
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In August 2014, PennEast, LLC. proposed building a 36-inch diameter pipeline that would transmit 1 billion cubic feet per day of natural gas at high pressure (1,480 psig) from Luzerne County, PA to Pennington, Mercer County, NJ.  The proposed pipeline would enter Kingwood Township  in the north-west corner of the township near Frenchtown and run roughly 7 miles south-southeast, crossing 10 streams and 19 wetlands.  There would be NO direct gas service to any residents on the route (only Route 12 in Kingwood is served by natural gas at all).  PennEast says the pipeline would be buried 36 inches (the total depth of the trench would be 8 feet) and the permanant right of way would be 50 to 100 feet wide.  Kingwood Township residents have overwhelmingly expressed opposition to this pipeline due to potential environmental, economic and safety impacts.  Over 50 property owners in Kingwood, including 8 to 10 preserved open space properties and preserved farms, are in the path of the proposed pipeline.   This page is meant to provide information to residents. All of the NJ municipalities and the vast majority of residents in the targeted communities worked together for 7 years to oppose this uneeded pipeline and we continued to fight to protect our environment and our residents.

The Supreme Court's June 2021 decision was a disappointment, but ultimately PennEast recognized that they would never overcome the many legal and regulatory hurdles that still remained. Despite the gas industry's "greenwashing," gas is NOT clean energy. We were determined to stop this unneeded, unwanted, unsafe, polluting pipeline, and we prevailed.

Recent Timeline Update
  • January 19, 2018 - FERC issued a "certificate of public convenience and necessity" to PennEast, which granted to authority for eminent domain and an in-service date of January 19, 2020.
  • January 30, 2020 - PennEast submitted a new application to FERC asking to split the project into two phases: The first includes 68 miles of 36-inch pipe, built entirely within Pennsylvania, intended to provide natural gas service by November 2021. The second includes the remaining route in Pennsylvania and New Jersey and has a targeted completion of 2023. See above for action needed to oppose PennEast.
  • February 20, 2020 - FERC gives PennEast a 2 year extension of their certificate (expires 2/20/2022). See article
  • May 11, 2020 - PennEast submitted an application to DRBC for phased approach. Hearing date TBD.
  • June 2021 - Supreme Court decision 5-4 in favor of PennEast, allowing private company to use eminent domain to take State owned properties, superceding State's Rights.
  • September 20, 2021 - PennEast announces it will stop pursuing eminent domain for 42 properties owned by the State of NJ.
  • September 27, 2021 - PennEast announces the project is cancelled.

Why Should we Oppose PennEast?
Note: PennEast changed the route many times, and properties not on the route today could be on the next revision, EVEN YEARS IN THE FUTURE IF CONSTRUCTION IS UNDERWAY, IF WE ARE UNABLE TO STOP THIS PIPELINE.  This has happened with other pipelines.
Kingwood Actions

09/12/2016 Kingwood Environmental Commission Comments on DEIS:

10/22/2015:  PennEast is not allowed to survey from the roads in our township.  You have every right to call the police if you see PE land agents on the roads.  Kingwood_Letter_to_PennEast-10-22-2015.pdf


2/25/2015:  Environmental Commission comments to FERC: 20150225-5157(30197857)KingwoodEC.pdf

2/5/2015:  Mayor Dodds' comments to FERC: 20150205-5191(30136425)RichardDodds.pdf

12/18/2014:  Township Committee Resolution 2014-98 submitted to FERC 2014-12-18-Kingwood_Resolution_2014-98.pdf

12/9/2014:  Kingwood's comments submitted to the Delaware River Basin Commission (impacts of water resources) Kingwood_letter_to_DRBC_12-9-2014.pdf

10/27/2014:  Letter from Mayor Lubitz and others: Letter_to_PennEast_Oct_27, 2014.pdf

03/2021: Hunterdon County Commissioners (FaceBook post)

Note - this is not the PennEast pipeline, but this is exactly what would happen here on the miles long horizontal directional drilling (HDD) PennEast plans in Kingwood. The drilling fluids encounter bedrock fractures and the high pressure forces the drilling fluids contaminating wells and streams, and in this case damaging a home's foundation and flooding a basement .

Here are links to press coverage of the formal file 9/25/2015:  

11/18/2014:  The Delaware River Basin Commission has announced that it has agreed  to review the PennEast Pipeline Project.  More information on his process will be posted when available.  Meanwhile, comments should still be sent to (Docket PF15-1-000).


America's Dangerous Pipelines (video by the Center for Biological Diversity)

(A scientific paper used by Pipeline Companies in educating First Responders to the risk of pipeline ruptures)
Information From PennEast

Application of PennEast Pipeline Company, LLC for Certificates of Public Convenience and Necessity and Related Authorizations under FERC Docket CP15-558:
The FERC link abive lists all the new documents submitted to FERC by PennEast under their filing for a certificate of "Public Convenience and Necessity."  The list includes, among other files, Resource Reports and appendices with maps.  

However, for easier access, West Amwell Citizens Against the Pipeline have assembled all the files in an easy to access format at

New Reports Released November 2015:
West Amwell Citizens Against the Pipeline Analysis of the Purpose and Need for the Pipeline:   WACAP Purpose And Need Analysis.pdf

Prior to the 2014 Public Forum in Holland Township, the Township presented written questions to the PennEast Group.  Here are the questions and answers.

11/10/2014:  From Hopewell Twp:Kingwood_Township_Pipeline_Photo_Packet.pdf

Contact the  Environmental Commission or the Township Committee if you need assistance.  We can walk your property with you to help identify resources and help with comments to FERC.

What Can I Do?
Submit Comments to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC)
Write to your Legislators

1,006 reasons to say NO to PennEast
PennEast Pipeline has applied to build a 118-mile pipeline that would bring “fracked” gas from Pennsylvania across the Delaware River into Hunterdon and Mercer counties in New Jersey. If it gets approved, the PennEast pipeline would seriously impair drinking water supplies, wildlife habitat and protected lands.Tell your elected representatives to oppose the PennEast pipeline!

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