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Proposed PennEast Pipeline

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Please take note, even after the FEIS has been released by FERC:  
PennEast STILL DOES NOT have the power of EMINENT DOMAIN!
PennEast STILL DOES NOT have the right to tresspass!(see Kingwood's Letter concerning tresspassing )
Do we NEED a pipeline?  The answer is STILL NO!  read more

Where are we in the process?

What's this about a pipeline?
PennEast, LLC. has proposed building a 36-inch diameter pipeline that would transmit 1 billion cubic feet per day of natural gas at high pressure (1,480 psig) from Luzerne County, PA to Pennington, Mercer County, NJ.  The proposed pipeline would enter Kingwood Township  in the north-west corner of the township near Frenchtown and run roughly 7 miles south-southeast, crossing 10 streams and 19 wetlands.  There would be NO direct gas service to any residents on the route (only Route 12 in Kingwood is served by natural gas at all).  PennEast says the pipeline would be buried 36 inches (the total depth of the trench would be 8 feet) and the permanant right of way would be 50 to 100 feet wide.  Kingwood Township residents have overwhelmingly expressed opposition to this pipeline due to potential environmental, economic and safety impacts.  Over 50 property owners in Kingwood, including 8 to 10 preserved open space properties and preserved farms, are in the path of the proposed pipeline.   This page is meant to provide information to residents, including information for potentially affected landowners.  There are opportunities for public input to FERC, the regulatory agency with jurisdiction over gas pipelines.  This highly recommended YouTube video provides an overview on the pipeline's potential impacts on Kingwood Township.  Kingwood Township is an active participant in these efforts.  The HALT PennEast 1/21/2016 Press Release provides a good update on efforts to stop the pipeline.

Important Notes:  

2.  PennEast is constantly changing the route, so properties not on the route today could be on the next revision, EVEN YEARS IN THE FUTURE IF CONSTRUCTION IS UNDERWAY, IF WE ARE UNABLE TO STOP THIS PIPELINE.  This has happened with other pipelines.

3.  PennEast DOES NOT have the power of eminent domain at this time.  This project is not a "done deal" and you have the right to protect your property rights.  The HALT PennEast group, a lawyer or one of the groups listed in the other websites can provide further guidance.

4. Contact the  Environmental Commission or the  Township Committee if you have questions or need assistance.

5.  Take a Look at what PennEast would destroy!  3D Flyover of proposed PennEast Pipeline route in vicinity of Kingwood, NJ

Events and Meetings
PennEast has filed its application with FERC (Federal Energy Regulatory Commission)
Petition to Delaware River Basin Commission:

FINAL Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS)
Thank you to everyone who wrote comments to FERC opposing PennEast!  We need your help again!

Did you comment on the DEIS? Then we need your help.  Review your previous comments and FERC's reply and submit a new comment to FERC on any incomplete or inaccurate responses. More information

See below for Kingwood Environmental Commission letters to FERC.   

Keep up-to-date on the progress and next steps by visiting these websites: or or 

Help stop the PennEast Pipeline!
        3/11/2016 Press Release:  Energy Expert Analysis Debunks PennEast Justification
        Rethink Energy  Think we need more gas?  Think again!
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1.  Go to FERC online  
2. Click on eSubscription
3.  Select add subscription or unsubscribe, depending on which you want to do.
4.  You could click on Edit Registration and change the email address used, maybe to an email address you may want to set up just for this purpose, so that you receive the emails, but your normal email box is not flooded with pipeline related emails.

Note:  If you choose not to receive the communications, you can and should still submit comments!

11/08/2016:  Updated maps showing the route in Kingwood, including the recent changes:  
                Kingwood maps of September 2016 route change

The following files use Google Maps (download the file and then double click on it):
        Sorry, PennEast failed to provide a kmz file of the September 2016 route changes
        Previous routes:
                 02/22/2016:  PennEast_400'_CORRIDOR-02-22-2016.kmz
       12/14/2015:  PennEast_ProposedRoute_20151214.kmz
Kingwood Actions

09/12/2016 Kingwood Environmental Commission Comments on DEIS:

10/22/2015:  PennEast is not allowed to survey from the roads in our township.  You have every right to call the police if you see PE land agents on the roads.  Kingwood_Letter_to_PennEast-10-22-2015.pdf


2/25/2015:  Environmental Commission comments to FERC: 20150225-5157(30197857)KingwoodEC.pdf

2/5/2015:  Mayor Dodds' comments to FERC: 20150205-5191(30136425)RichardDodds.pdf

12/18/2014:  Township Committee Resolution 2014-98 submitted to FERC 2014-12-18-Kingwood_Resolution_2014-98.pdf

12/9/2014:  Kingwood's comments submitted to the Delaware River Basin Commission (impacts of water resources) Kingwood_letter_to_DRBC_12-9-2014.pdf

10/27/2014:  Letter from Mayor Lubitz and others: Letter_to_PennEast_Oct_27, 2014.pdf

Here are links to press coverage of the formal file 9/25/2015:  

11/18/2014:  The Delaware River Basin Commission has announced that it has agreed  to review the PennEast Pipeline Project.  More information on his process will be posted when available.  Meanwhile, comments should still be sent to (Docket PF15-1-000).


America's Dangerous Pipelines (video by the Center for Biological Diversity)

(A scientific paper used by Pipeline Companies in educating First Responders to the risk of pipeline ruptures)
Information From PennEast

Application of PennEast Pipeline Company, LLC for Certificates of Public Convenience and Necessity and Related Authorizations under FERC Docket CP15-558:
The FERC link abive lists all the new documents submitted to FERC by PennEast under their filing for a certificate of "Public Convenience and Necessity."  The list includes, among other files, Resource Reports and appendices with maps.  

However, for easier access, West Amwell Citizens Against the Pipeline have assembled all the files in an easy to access format at

New Reports Released November 2015:
West Amwell Citizens Against the Pipeline Analysis of the Purpose and Need for the Pipeline:   WACAP Purpose And Need Analysis.pdf

Prior to the 2014 Public Forum in Holland Township, the Township presented written questions to the PennEast Group.  Here are the questions and answers.

11/10/2014:  From Hopewell Twp:Kingwood_Township_Pipeline_Photo_Packet.pdf

For Impacted Landowners
Important Notes:  
1.  PennEast is constantly changing the route, so properties not on the route today could be on the next revision, EVEN YEARS IN THE FUTURE IF CONSTRUCTION IS UNDERWAY, IF WE ARE UNABLE TO STOP THIS PIPELINE.  This has happened with other pipelines.
2.  PennEast DOES NOT have the power of eminent domain at this time.  This project is not a "done deal" and you have the right to protect your property rights.  The HALT PennEast group, a lawyer or one of the groups listed in the other websites can provide further guidance.  Note also that IF PennEast eventually is given the power of eminent domain, they still have to pay you.  The value is then decided by the courts and not PennEast.  If you look at the experience of the Constitution Pipeline, that pipeline was not granted the power of eminent domain until 18 months fter filing with FERC.  If the same timeframe occurs with PennEast, it would not be granted eminent domain until March 2017.  Also, in the experience of the Constitution Pipeline, offers increased in value as time went on.
3.  If you sign an easement agreement, it is FOREVER, even if the PennEast pipeline is not approved.  These agreements are not written with any protections for the landowner and you are not legally required to sign them.  It is always advisable to seek legal advice before signing contracts.
4.  You are not alone in this fight against corporate taking of your property rights.  Approximately 70% of New Jersey property owners in the proposed route have refused PennEast survey access and have pledged to stop this pipeline.  Your neighbors are grateful for this and will stand togother with you in this fight against PennEast.
Notes on survey issue:  

PennEast is not allowed to survey from the roads in our township.  You have every right to call the police if you see PE land agents on the roads.  Kingwood_Letter_to_PennEast-10-22-2015.pdf

Dan Murphy of Western Land Services informed the Township that civil surveys are going to be done on properties that PennEast has received permission to proceed on, approximately June 26th thru June 30th.  The actual work will most likely be done by one of PennEast's partners, Hatch Mott MacDonald. He can be reached at 516-513-2288 if necessary.

NJCF suggests the landowners with complaints about trespass and deception call the FERC hotline when it happens. 
FERC Enforcement Hotline x      
Telephone: 202-502-8390
Toll-free: 1-888-889-8030

If you denied survey permission and want to make sure that any illegally obtained survey information is not used here is a sample letter you can use to post to the FERC PE docket CP15-558.   Here is a PDF version of the letter to FERC to make sure they do not use any illegally obtained survey information.  PurgeRecordsOfUnpermittedSurvey.pdf
Contact the  Environmental Commission or the Township Committee if you need assistance.  We can walk your property with you to help identify resources and help with comments to FERC.

For homeowners in the proposed pipeline route, please fill out this survey Kingwood_Impacted_Homeowner_Survey.pdf (paper and online options).  

If you have granted permission to survey, but have changed your mind, use this form letter: Refuse_permission_to_survey_letter.doc (you may want to consult your attorney to help you decide)
Law Firms Soliciting Homeowners
We have been hearing reports that law firms are soliciting homeowners to represent them in any kind of pipeline negotiations.  A large group believe that these solicitations are from “ambulance chasers” and they may not have the homeowner's best interest first on their list.  There is a core group of people across the NJ CAPS working on a list of demands that impacted homeowner should ask for in any type of negotiation – if that should happen.  The group is also compiling a list of lawyers with good reputations for these types of negotiations if they are needed. 

A group of landowners have formed a group called HALT PennEast (Homeowners Against Land Taking).  See the 1/21/2016 press release, below.
The joint communities fighting this pipeline need for everyone to continue to stick together and fight together. There have been signs that our coordinated fight has made some progress.  
1/21/2016 Press Release:
Homeowners Lawyer Up: HALT PennEast Vows to Stop Pipeline


STOCKTON, N.J. (January 21, 2016)  — Homeowners and residents in Mercer and Hunterdon counties that would be directly impacted by the proposed PennEast pipeline have joined forces to create the group – HALT PennEast (“Homeowners Against Land Taking”) to step up their efforts to stop construction of the pipeline. To represent its interests, the group has hired Wiley Rein, a leading Washington D.C. law firm known for its expertise in complex, high-stakes regulatory, litigation, constitutional and transactional matters.

“We will use our fast-growing collective resources to stop the PennEast pipeline,” said Vincent DiBianca of Delaware Township, one of the homeowners leading the group. “Contrary to PennEast’s public relations spin, we intend to prove that there is no valid justification for taking our homes, farms and properties and endangering our livelihoods and families’ well-being for a pipeline that is not needed, not wanted and harmful. We’re committed to putting the breaks on a proposed pipeline that when you look under the covers would solely benefit the private companies behind it, not the public.” PennEast is owned partly by PSE&G, New Jersey Resources and South Jersey Gas.

If the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission approves the pipeline, PennEast could use eminent domain to take the private properties it needs to build the pipeline, against the wishes of the homeowners. DiBianca said, “We are already building our case that eminent domain for corporate gain is unconstitutional.” A recent statewide poll by FDU’s PublicMind for ReThink Energy NJ found that 87 percent of New Jersey residents are concerned about “the seizure of private property for private companies” to build pipelines.

“All New Jerseyans need to know that they too could wake up one day and learn that a massive gas pipeline is planned to go right through their properties and communities and they too could face the loss of their homes, farms, and businesses,” said Michael Spille of West Amwell and a member of HALT.

Several homeowners along the proposed pipeline route will lose their ability to farm, temporarily or permanently, as well as rights to use their own land, while still paying taxes on the property. “The livelihoods of many homeowners will be irreparably damaged,” said Laura Wilson from Holland Township. “For one family in particular, the pipeline would run the entire length of their farm, taking out apple and Asian pear orchards, as well as permanently blocking access to their hayfields. Their ability to farm will be destroyed.”

HALT PennEast has identified several areas of inaccurate and misleading claims in what PennEast Pipeline Company LLC has identified as rationale for constructing this pipeline through private lands, including:

Myth #1: Pipeline would help to meet region’s energy demand

Not so.  The Proposed PennEast Pipeline would create a 53% supply surplus above the current level of consumption in New Jersey and Southeastern Pennsylvania. The gas is bound for other markets and is not needed in Jersey. However, the companies that make up PennEast would greatly profit, at the expense of the affected homeowners and communities.

Myth #2: Pipeline will bring a boost to the economy

Not the case. In the end, shockingly, only 10 permanent jobs would result from construction of the pipeline in New Jersey according to an in-depth analysis by The Goodman Group that was released by ReThink Energy NJ in Nov., 2015.  This hardly justifies taking private property from homeowners and threatening their livelihoods, including many farmers directly in the path of the pipeline. The local tourism and real-estate industries could also suffer as scenic areas are marred by construction and property-values are reduced.

DiBianca says, “The real economic growth opportunity for NJ and the country is in clean renewable energy jobs, not in the dirty, non-renewable fossil fuels of coal, oil and gas.” As the Union of Concerned Scientists states, “it’s wind, solar, geothermal, hydroelectric and biomass that provides substantial benefits for our climate, our health and our economy”.

“Our initiative goes beyond protecting our own properties. We are not interested in moving this to our neighbors’ properties or elsewhere in the state. We and our partners are doing diligent homework to establish that NJ doesn’t need it at all,” said Maureen Syrnick of Kingwood Township.

The event was held at the home of Jacqueline Evans in Delaware Township. The proposed pipeline would come right up her driveway and within 100 feet of her home. “I can’t sleep at night because I worry about the safety of my children,” said Evans. “The vast majority of homeowners in the path of the pipeline are adamantly opposed to this and won’t be bought off by PennEast at any price.”

To date, PennEast has not been granted access to about 70 percent of the proposed route in New Jersey due to homeowner opposition. The project is behind schedule as a result. “Our resolve is strengthening and we are pooling our resources legally and otherwise for the long haul,” said DiBianca. “We are going to assertively engage with FERC, the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection and other decision-makers so they are made fully aware of our grounded and vehement objections.”

HALT PennEast is a non-profit corporation whose mission is to stop the unwanted, unneeded and harmful proposed PennEast pipeline by aggregating our resources, talent and commitment to protect our homes, farms, properties and enterprise and ensure the well being of our families, livelihoods and communities.

For landowners of preserved farmland:  
The State Agriculural Development Council (SADC) has developed a landowner guide to help owners of preserved farms understand the SADC’s procedures for condemnation of preserved farmland as they relate to certain pipeline/utility projects: 

What Can I Do?
If your property is in any of the proposed routes, you can  Refuse_permission_to_survey_letter.doc (you may want to consult your attorney to help you decide)

Submit Comments to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC)
You can register and comment: - PennEast is docket # CP15-558

Brief instructions on how to submit comments to FERC:
A.  If you have a document to send:
            Log in with your username and password
            In the left hand column, select eFiling
Select General in the left column; Select Comment (on Filing, Environ, Report or Tech Conf) in the middle column; Select Comment in the right column; Click Next
            Type CP15-558; click Search; click on the plus sign to select PennEast; click Next
Click Choose File , which will go to your computer and you select the file that you want to send; Type a description in the description box; click Upload; click Next
        Select As an Individual; click Next
        Enter your contact email, where a confirmation email will be sent; click Add as signer; click Next

B.  If you want to send text only (max 6000 characters at a time):
            Log in with your username and password.
            In the left hand column, select eComment
            Type CP15-558; click Search; click on the plus sign to select PennEast
            In the box, type your comment (or paste it, if you have composed it ahead of time)
When you’re done, copy your comment, in case the FERC site fails to accept your submission, so you don’t have to waste time re-composing your message.
            Click Send Comment

NOTE #1:  When you submit comments, it’s better to submit one topic per submission.  You can submit as many documents (eFiling) and/or text comments (eComment) as you wish, but we found during the scoping period that they were confused by letters containing multiple topics.

NOTE #2:  If you want provide a link (for example to a document, photo, video, website), FERC will NOT click on that link and include that in your comment.  You must send the document, photo or whatever IN FULL, and attach that to your eFiling (remember, eComment is for text only, use eFiling to send documents).

You can use FERC's eLibrary to search for and read comments and documents that have been submitted.  PennEast is docket # CP15-558
Donate your time  send your email address and mention your interests and any special skills.  This information will be given to Kingwood Citizens Against the Pipeline and used only for the purpose of organizing opposition the PennEast Pipeline.

If you wish to donate your time, talents or money, you may wish to contact the organizations listed under Websites, below, and/or attend events.
Write to your Legislators
Attend Events

1,006 reasons to say NO to PennEast
PennEast Pipeline has applied to build a 118-mile pipeline that would bring “fracked” gas from Pennsylvania across the Delaware River into Hunterdon and Mercer counties in New Jersey. If it gets approved, the PennEast pipeline would seriously impair drinking water supplies, wildlife habitat and protected lands.Tell your elected representatives to oppose the PennEast pipeline!
Social Media
Tell FERC to reject the PennEast Pipeline
PennEast’s application is before the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC). Tell FERC that we deserve a healthy environment, beautiful open spaces, and energy that doesn’t put us at risk. 
“We call on the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to reject the proposed PennEast Pipeline. This pipeline is environmentally destructive, unnecessary and unwanted. The pipeline would cut through preserved open spaces and sensitive waterways, result in an enormous surplus of gas that we don’t need, and is opposed by landowners and municipalities along its route. We urge you to reject this proposal.”  Add your name to our message to FERC:

Come to me DRBC:  Petition for Independent DRBC Hearings on the PennEast Pipeline
The Delaware River Basin Commission (DRBC) will decide whether or not it will hold only one public hearing about PennEast and co-host it with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission so members of the public have as little as a minute and a half per agency to voice their concerns about the PennEast pipeline. We have a better idea! We want the DRBC to hold seven public hearings at locations along the pipeline route so they are accessible to the largest number of people and we want them to be hosted by only the DRBC to allow commenters to zero in on concerns that are within the authority of the commission to address. 

Stop the PennEast Pipeline
Petition by Concerned Citizens Against the Pipeline  to be delivered to UGI Board of Direcctors and Federal Energy Regulatory Commission Stop the PennEast Pipeline

Drexel University, Repudiate Skewed PennEast Economic Report
Petition by Concerned Citizens Against the Pipeline to be delivered to John A. Fry, President, Drexel University
"Drexel University School of Economics professor Vibhas Madam, Ph.D. co-authored a seriously flawed economic impact analysis of the PennEast pipeline that exaggerates presumed economic benefits of the pipeline while completely overlooking the numerous and significant economic downsides. We, the undersigned, call on you to publicly repudiate the report. "
Facebook:  Stop the PennEast Pipeline:

Other Websites
Citizens Against the Pipeline
Concerned Citizens Against the PennEast Pipeline (CCAP)
Delaware Townsip Citizens Against the Pipeline
Hopewell Township Citizens Against the Pipeline
Homeowners Against Land Taking
A new resource
A new resource has been launched to help folks learn what they need to know about the impacts of pipelines and associated infrastructure, to begin to get active on pipelines, and to connect with the organizations battling the pipeline in their community 
PennEast filed their formal application to FERC on September 25th, 2015.  This site provides all 99 files in the application grouped by type.
This site is powered via public cloud services, not the FERC site.  So say goodbye to FERC errors and downtime!

Rethink Energy  Think we need more gas?  Think again!



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