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Address: 599 Oak Grove Road, Frenchtown NJ 08825
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Census Information

General Information
Drinking Water

Arsenic is a toxic element that can be naturally present in local ground water.  These links provide a wealth of information about what this means and what you can do about it.
Ground Water and Arsenic in Kingwood Township: A presentation by the Kingwood Environmental Commission on 4-27-2010 (pdf document)

Arsenic in New Jersey's Ground Water:  An information circular from the NJ Geological Survey (pdf document)

Arsenic Water Treatment for Residential Wells in NJ:  An information circular from the NJ Geological Survey (pdf document)

A Homeowner's Guide to Arsenic in Drinking Water (NJDEP Division of Science, Research & Technology)

Environmental Information

Garden & Landscape

Rutgers NJ Agricultural Experiment Station:  Extensive excellent resources for home and commercial gardening, farming, livestock, 4-H, environmental and health information.

NJ Dept. of Ag. Jersey Fresh:  Search for Pick Your Own Fruits and Vegetables

Rutgers NJ Ag. Experiment Station: Landscape Plants Rated by Deer Resistance
Contact Information at the Federal level:

Senator Robert Menendez – Statewide representative (D)~
528 Hart Senate Office Building, Washington, DC 20510-3002; DC Phone: (202)224-4744; NJ Phone: (973)645-3030;~

Senator Cory Booker-statewide representative (D)~
141 Hart Senate Office Building, Washington, DC 20510-3003; DC Phone: (202) 224-3224; NJ Phone: (973) 639-8700;

Contact Information at the State level (District 23):

The Honorable Chris Christie, Governor of New Jersey
Office of the Governor PO Box 001  Trenton, NJ 08625

Senator Michael J. Doherty (R)
127 Belvidere Ave., 2nd Floor, Washington, NJ 07882  Phone: 908-835-0552 or 908-722-2427 Fax: 908-835-8570  Email:

Assemblyman John DiMaio (R)
245 Route 22, Suite 208, Bridgewater, NJ~08807; Phone:~(908) 722-1365; Fax:~(908) 722-1542; 127 Belvidere Ave., 2nd Floor, Washington, NJ~07882; Phone:~(908) 684-9550; Email:

Assemblyman Erik Peterson (R)
178 Center St., Suite 2B, Clinton, NJ~08809; Phone:~(908) 238-0251; Fax:~(908) 238-0256; Email:

Hunterdon County Freeholders

PO Box 2900, Flemington, New Jersey 08822-2900; Phone: (908) 788-1102; FAX: (908) 806-4236

Robert G. Walton, Rwalton@Co.Hunterdon.Nj.Us

Open Space & Agriculture

NJ Dept. of Ag. Jersey Fresh:  Search for Pick Your Own Fruits and Vegetables

NJ Green Acres Program:  State funding to preserve open space for environmental, historic, scenic & recreational uses

NJ State Agricultural Development Committee (SADC):  Farmland preservation programs and information

Hunterdon Land Trust Alliance:  A non-profit working to preserve and protect the rural landscapes of Hunterdon County.

NJ Conservation Foundation:  A non-profit working to preserve land and natural resources for the benefit of all.

Tax Incentives for Donating Conservation Easements:  Provided by the Land Trust Alliance

[ ]NJ Farm Link Program:  A resource to link farmers and land provided by the SADC.

[ ]NJ Farm Bureau:  represents agricultural produce
Enterprises to all levels of government

State Health Insurance Assistance Program (SHIP):

[ ]Hunterdon County, NJ Election Information

Note:  You must register at least 21 days before
tion in order to vote in that election. [Ma/ ]Current Conditions, Watches and Warnings for Hunterdon

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