Kingwood Township Seal

Kingwood Township
Address: 599 Oak Grove Road, Frenchtown NJ 08825
Phone: 908-996-4276  Fax: 908-996-7753


List of Boards, Committees & Commissions

3-members: see Kingwood Township's Form of Government.

7-members: Purpose - To hear appeals of the Zoning Ordinance and decide if there is to be a grant of variance.
5-members: Purpose - To regulate health issues.
[4 members]: Purpose - [Council on Affordable Housing].
9-members: Purpose - To review site plans, subdivision approval, conditional use approval, and variance approval.

-members: Purpose - .
(meets jointly with Agriculture Advisory Committee)
5-members: Purpose - To promote and assist the Farmland Preservation Program. Review and update the Open Space Plan and Inventory of Properties.
(meets jointly with Open Space Advisory Committee)
3-members: Purpose - To promote and assist the Farmland Preservation Program's Planning Incentive Grant (PIG) applications. These grants allow for the purchase of large blocks of farmland using an installment purchase option.
(meets jointly with Recreation Commission & Citizen's Advisory Panel)
9-members: Purpose - To recommend the acquisition, development and operation of recreational facilities.
-members: Purpose - .

7-members: Purpose - To attract suitable commercial or industrial businesses to Kingwood Township.
8-members: Purpose - To protect, develop or use natural resources. Also acquires property, development rights and easements.
The Township recently established an Insurance Fund Commission, regarding the dental & eyeglass claims of the employees. The commission is meeting every month just prior to the township committee.

Purpose - To manage parkland properties and recreation activities.

8-members: Purpose - .
Purpose - The promotion of events and seminars on township history.
Purpose - To develop historical programs, listing of sites, erecting of markers, and custodian of documents and materials.
Purpose -

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